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Friendship is a mercury drop..If its dropped..Impossible to Recollect..So dont drop your friends.! Keep in touch always………

LOVE is 1 who saves u wen u r in difficulty
but a FRIEND is the 1 who never let any difficulty 2 come 2 u

Heart touching lines spoken by a frnd jst b4 his death:
Dnt burn me immediately aftr my death,my frnds hav a habit of coming late.

A Nice Friendship Quote
“U Hav No Idea Hw Gud It Feels 2 Wake Up Evry Mrng Knwng U Are Mine & I Am Urs”

1c My Frnd Askd Me
“Wat wud u do if i cheat u?”
I Replid,”Trusting u is my decision n proving me right is ur choice”

Clouds may cover sun but it never stop shining just like you.We may not be together every time bt u alwys shine in my heart as my best frnd!

lovely roses and lovely U and lovely R D things you do,
but the loveliest is D friendship of two, one is me and other is U..

Friendship is..
when u’ve had a huge fight but then decide to put aside ur egos,give a warm smile to each other & say.
Atleast 2 fight!

Coffee never knew how gud cud it taste,
b4 she met sugar, water & milk..
Frns r just d same Dey r as gud as Dey r
But wen dey meet dey bcum d best

Can u Close Ur Eyes For a Minute Plz.
Thank You Did You Feel How Dark it Was?
YES This is My Life Without U my dear Sweet friend..

“Life is nothing wen we get everything”
But “life s everything wen v mis something”
‘value of “Sweet Friendship” will b realized in their absence only..!

Choti baat par shiqwa na karna,
Koi bhul ho jaye to Maaf karna.
Naraj hona jab Hum Rishta tod denge,
Qki aisa tab hoga, Jab Hum Dunia chod denge..

Every normal person has 72 heart beats,
but 4 myself its 73. The extra 1 is your smile.
So dont stop your smile & keep close to me,
it will effect my heart.

good morning wishes for him

good morning wishes for boyfriend

Friendship Messages

during our friendship,
there will b times u won’t see me beside u,
dun think i left u behind,
i just chose to walk behind u
so i can catch u when u fall…

God doesn’t gv u d ppl u want, instead He gvs u d ppl u need. 2 teach u,2 hurt u, 2 lv u & 2 make u exactly d way u shud be..
Those ppl are Friends..!
So always love ur frnz.. 🙂

Our friendship has become our HABIT
even if U take out H – A BIT remains.
Take out A, Still BIT remains,
Finally take out B, still IT remains….

everyday i see lots of strangers passing by me,
this makes me realised that,
life would be boring,
without a friend like u…

Life Is A Heart Attack.
Love is A Medicine..
Luver is A Treatmnet.. But,
FRND is A Doctor..
How Are You ?
My Lovable Doctor

Best line said in friendship by missed heart: “I will wait till the day I can forget u or the day u realize that u cannot forget me”..

If I’v hurted u anytime,anywer, den I jus wana say these
“Wat d hell..
V’re made for each otr!
Who else is Gonna fight wid u othr dan me.So jst shut up & bear me”

Sabse alag sabse nyare he aap,
Tarif kbhi puri na ho itne PYARE hain aap,
Aaj pata chala k zamana Q jalta hai humse,
Kyuki “dost” toh akhir Hamare he Aap.

Pyar k mamle me hum bahot kacche hai,
par dosti ke mamle me bahot sache hai,
hamari dosti isi sachai par chalti hai,
ki hamare dost humse b ache hai

Even tough time bcomes beautiful..
Wen endearing Friend wipes our tears saying
“Hey stupid! I’m here 4 u..”
Even d tears turn to a cute smile..

Read clearly :- To knw diff between real and just friends!
Jf : cals ur name sweetly,
RF : cals u alwys wid stupid silly names.
Jf : wil nvr hurt u,
RF : “hurt u often wid 1000’s of apologies”..
Jf : know a few things abt u,
RF : Cud write a book abt u..

Dedicated to u my best of best friend.! !Kabhi pasand na aaye sath mera to bata dena……..
Ham dil pe patthar rakh k TUMHE Goli maar denge…

Making a million friends is not a miracle,the miracle is to make a friend who will stand by you when millions are against you..

I always thought loving some 1 was the greatest feeling,
but I realised tat loving a friend is even better,
we lose ppl we love but we never lose true friends.

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good morning messages for girlfriend